Nigeria News Report 2009

Nigeria news report 2009
April 22, 2009

There are a  number of building projects being planned in different congregations in Nigeria. They have limited funds and I desire to see the Lord provide help to our established brothers and sisters in the Lord.

July 13, 2009

Let us continue to remember the family of God in Nigeria. There are various building projects that need to be accomplished and there is always a need for gospel literature. (Chapel in Lagos pictured)

(Excerpt of a letter from Bro. Naths-Igbanibo):

“The Lord is blessing the new field work in Yenagoa which He assigned to us in Late December 2008, to engage in. We are much encouraged that some persons could acknowledge the truth and be willing to work in it. At least two brethren go from Port Harcourt each Sunday to conduct services there. It will remain so until someone responds to God’s call to pastorship of the flock. Meanwhile we are using a classroom in a state government owned primary school building where over a dozen of sects are also worshipping. We are encouraged to start looking for land in the town. The church has started to save money for the purchase of the land while looking up to God to make our heart desire come through.”

A national meeting will be held in Port Harcourt from September 2 -6, 2009. Let us pray for the success of this meeting as well as for some spiritual battles that our brethren in the Lord are facing in Nigeria.

September 02, 2009

“Thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Greater victories lie in store for each of us as we learn more and more to be dependant on the power of Christ.

Funds from the Africa Mission Fund have been sent to Bro. Naths-Igbanibo for the purchase of a printer for the work in Nigeria. Shipping costs have become very expensive, so the plan is to help enable the saints in Nigeria to print some of the Bible Lessons, tracts etc. for themselves. We trust that this plan comes to good fruition. Remember the Nigerian saints as they meet in a National Meeting on September 2 -6 for Bible study and to hear the preached Word.

September 14, 2009

God blessed the saints in Nigeria with a good meeting. Below is part of a letter sent by Bro. Naths-Igbanibo:

“The Lord made His presence felt in the meeting. His word was taught in its clearness and anointing of the Holy Spirit to make us wise in spiritual things. There was peace, joy and comfort in our hearts. People gained from the work of the Lord in several ways. A young man who had belonged to a cult and seemed to have been under the spell of satanic forces, gradually regained himself during the Seminar and testified to the truth which he said, had made him free. He was among nine souls who came out seeking for help at the altar of grace. There are indications that some of them will surrender themselves for baptism into the body of Christ, probably on Sunday or later. “

May the Lord continue to bless and reward each individual who carries a burden for the gospel work in other lands. Your sacrifice is appreciated and it is not in vain. Please continue to pray for the Lord to keep His hand over these efforts.

December 25, 2009

We thank God for His blessings on the work in Nigeria. Below are excerpts from a report I received from Bro. Naths-Igbanibo:

Greetings to you in the highly exalted name of Jesus, our sweet Rose of Sharon!

With gladness in my heart, I want to share with you some of the good and encouraging things the Lord in His mercy has done in our midst recently.

Printing of Bible Lessons:

A total of 140 copies have been printed – 30, 30, 30 and 50 for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters respectively. Distribution to the various congregations has begun with Yenagoa. Other congregations will include Tombia, Ogu, Ede/Amah, Lagos, Port-Harcourt and some brethren in Abuja and Niger State. Some will be reserved for individual’s demand. If the need arises, we will then print more…
Charity Work:

In the course of doing hospital evangelism, some of the brethren met some Patients and their care-givers. Two men, including the husband of the sick woman and the woman herself became interested in the truth. Both men worshipped the Lord with us and did acknowledge the difference. But one of them could not continue to come for fellowship as he was persuaded to remain in their sect by his wife on the ground that they may not afford the transport cost for the family. The other man continued from the hospital residence, taking time to listen to the teaching and receiving the booklets we gave to him happily. He admitted operating a church in his home town but planned disbanding it. He kept acknowledging that what we are holding is the truth and desired to know more about the church. He showed delight almost in every thing, including the Evening Light Songs, therefore requesting for a copy of the song book.

We visited the hospital to conduct prayers for his wife often. This created friendship and intimacy between himself, the wife and the church. …

Her health condition suddenly deteriorated, resulting in bleeding, with the doctors not able to control the situation. We went around offering fervent prayers to save the life of this woman who had become dear to us. The Lord deemed it better to call her away the following day.

The church was invited to his home town to participate in her funeral activities, where the faithfulness of God through the church was acknowledged and His name glorified.

Some pamphlets were given out again which he appreciated, expressing the desire to meet with us later to discuss or reason together on the truth of the gospel. He called in response recently for us to agree on a convenient time for our meeting. We give glory to God for this work which made even his people marvel at the love of God.

Baptism at Ede/Amah

Two persons, husband and wife by name, Mbadiwe and Blessing Okoro got baptized at the end of a revival meeting in Amah, one of our new fields of labour. On hearing the truth and convinced about its difference from others, they came out from their sect, “Assemblies of God church”. After a careful self examination, they surrendered themselves and got baptized into the body of Christ on 24th Nov. 2009. They were glad that God has set them free from human bondage and creed. This is where Bro. Okuro Agborubere and his wife, Gloria are laboring.

The Church at Yenagoa

We remain grateful to God that this field which started soon after our crusade late December, 2008, is making progress. We plan to hold revival there before the end of December. While we acknowledge God blessing the work there, the church is being disturbed on the issue of a place of worship. The church has been sharing a government primary school building with over a dozen of sects. Recently, the State Government, frowning at this, gave quit notice to all church organizations using their school buildings. This compelled us to begin looking for an alternative place of worship or better still, land to build our own chapel…

We will be having a Wedding program this week and are preparing for it. Join us in prayer for the blessing of God over the activities on hand.

Thank you so very much. May God bless you.

Yours in Him,

Bro. F. Naths-Igbanibo


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