Nigeria News Report 2011

Nigeria news update
November 2, 2011

We continue to be thankful for the prayers and support for the work in Africa. The work is great and there are many different countries in which we are trying to spread the gospel. Missionary work is not all glory. This month we have been saddened by some news of the working of the enemy amongst our brethren. Please pray for them that Satan would be defeated. I would would also appreciate prayer that the Lord would give me wisdom as I work with various problem situations in these countries.

Lord willing, the saints in Nigeria will be having a national campmeeting in December. Let us pray that the Lord will bless their efforts and pour out a rich anointing in their midst.

December 26, 2011

The national campmeeting in Nigeria is currently underway. Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will bless and anoint in the services. The saints desire to print and distribute literature locally.

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