Obituary and Memory of Sis. Dorothy Keiser

Obituary of Sis. Dorothy Keiser

(Faith & Victory: March 1986)

Dorothy Naomi (Bosserman) Keiser was born February 28, 1913 and passed away January 18, 1986 in Pacoima, California at the age of 72 years, 10 months, and 21 days.

Sister Dorothy was saved at a California tent meeting in 1947. She later met the Saints in 1958. She felt the call to the missionary field and was true to that calling until her demise. She labored in the foreign fields of India and Ghana, Africa. After attending the state assembly meeting in Guthrie, Oklahoma, Sister Dorothy came to the California state assembly meeting where she expressed the victories and the burdens connected with the work in Ghana.

Sister Dorothy was patient in her suffering, cooperative, unselfish and uncomplaining, always ready to join in prayer and praises to God whenever she had the strength.

Sister Dorothy is survived by one sister, two brothers, one daughter Barbara Hird of Arizona; two grandsons, Mark Ranney of Glendale, CA, and Wesley Ranney of Sacramento, CA; two granddaughters, Susan Fettah and Janet Staton, also of Sacramento, CA; seven great-grandchildren, and a host of saints and friends.

Poem in Memory of Sis. Keiser

(Faith & Victory : March 1986)

Away to a foreign land
God called you to go,
to minister to precious souls
in darkness, sin and woe,
a vision to your heart
God sent a man of ebony,
God’s Church is now in Ghana,
where souls can be set free.

The tears, the prayers, the labors,
you gave the Lord your all,
when days were dark you’d hear Him say
be faithful to your call.

You gave God’s precious Word to them,
His love on them bestowed,
you’ve finished your course now,
you’ve paid the debt you owed.

The memory of your spirit lives,
we’ll never forget your smile.
You consecrated your life,
you proved you are His child.
The Love you shared in Ghana and in your homeland too,
we thank God for your works of Love
and we’ll always remember You.

(This poem, inspired by the Lord, was written by Sister Audrey Elizabeth McPhil.)

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