Amrat Nagar School – Pakistan

Amrat Nagar 2017 feature

The new school at Amrat Nagar is going on. These photos are from a school program performed on August 27. The school is operated through donations and there is an ongoing struggle to pay teachers. The following letter is from Bro. S.

Greetings in Jesus Christ. I have been delayed in sending these pictures of the school program at Amrat Nagar on August 27. I had been sick. Thank you for your prayers and love for the Lord’s work in Pakistan.  There is urgent need to pay the teachers salaries monthly as some donations have not continued. You are in our hearts and prayers. Greetings and thanks to you and all saints in the United States.

The schools in Pakistan serve needy children, some of which would not receive an education any other way. Africa Mission & Beyond has sent funds to help with various aspects of the work: buying school supplies, helping partially to support teachers and other projects.









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