Pakistan Blessings

Special Year end Services
The saints in Pakistan are “excited” and rejoicing for the peaceful meetings they have had this season. They are very thankful for the presence of God in their worship services. The messages of repentance and the necessity of a new birth in Christ Jesus are being preached in impoverished villages. Bro. S. reports that during the holiday season “new people heard the wonderful gospel scriptures and have received blessings of truth. Praise God.” On December 23, the saints were humbled as they had a feet washing service and “their hearts moved to give honor and learned to have love to one another.”
Ongoing ministries
There continue to be financial needs for ministerial support, gospel outreach to the poor, and construction. In the Muslim environment, deeds of good will are an effective ministry to display the love of Christ. The ministers and saints in Pakistan send their greetings to the saints in the United States and are thankful for the blessings that have been shared with them this last year.

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