Pakistan Mission Trips

Project Christmas Blessing 2019

PCB 2019: Pakistan—Care in the Kilns Record Breaking YearPCB 2019 was a wonderful success with over $46,000 being raised to minister to the impoverished families who live and work in the…

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letter from Pakistan

Letter from Pakistan

A letter from Bro. S in Pakistan Bro.Michael, your coming to Pakistan, it has been great victory and blessing, strength and comfort for me in the Lord . And God brought great progress for His…

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Pakistan 2016

Pakistan Mission Trip November 2016

Arrival On the evening of November 18, 2016, I stepped off the plane in Lahore, Pakistan. The Lord had burdened me to make this third visit to spend time in more personal study with one of the…

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travel to pakistan 2016

Pray for Preliminary Plans to Travel to Pakistan

The brethren in Pakistan are currently trying to re-register the church with the government as Church of God. They were previously operating under a different name but are now working to be…

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letter from

Letter from Bro. Michael – Pakistan

"The Lord continues to bless in the services and many people respond to the invitation at the end of every service. Tonight I was with a congregation that I was with last year. They are always…

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Pakistan trip 2012

Pakistan Mission Trip 2012

This dispensation of the gospel has been committed to the children of God of this generation. If we do not minister to the lost world around us, who will? It is our responsibility to follow the call…

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Pakistan news report 2011

Pakistan News Report 2011

June 17, 2011 I have been praying for a long time about traveling to Pakistan and visiting a brother there with whom we have had contact. This brother is working with other local Christian ministers…

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Pakistan mission trip 2011

Pakistan Mission Trip 2011

Without a question or a word, the Pakistani official stamped my passport and sent me on my way. Thank God. I stepped into the arrival hall at the Lahore, Pakistan airport into what for me was a new…

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“Consecration” By Bro. Michael Smith

Lord willing, I will be leaving August 31 for Pakistan. Although the trip has not yet begun, we have already been on a journey of consecration. There have been different obstacles and for a time, it…

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