Pakistan Outreach

Pakistan outreach
From Bro. S 

I am thankful to God for you and for your support for the Lord’s work. Greetings to all the Church of God in the United States. These pictures are from a gospel meeting held with Bro. K. The Holy Spirit gave us a message to share on “Freedom of the Slaves”. Praise God, we are thankful to share the truth of the Gospel and souls have been blessed. Some gave their hands to God to come by faith in Jesus and find freedom in Jesus from sin’s curses. I thank the Lord that people keep their ears listening to the Gospel. May these Scriptures grow everyday into their hearts that they could feel freedom in Jesus. Please pray for the congregation and for the ministers. After the meeting Bro. K told me on the phone that the people have been blessed spiritually. I praise God!

These are some of the beautiful kids who participated in some good activities. Sunday school girls and boys sang Christian songs, prayed and spoke Bible verses. Bro. K led his Sunday school children in an activity on the miracle of Prophet Elisha with the poor widow. This was so interesting for the people. 

At the end the congregation was blessed with food and we are thankful.

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