Pakistan Report April 2019

From Bro. Shahzad:

I am leaving a prayers request for me and my wife that the Lord and Holy Spirit guide us to do work in truth and faith that we could Go and share the truth of Gospel  and the Lord touch many hearts and many souls be saved for the Lord. 

And remember in your prayers that the Lord provide His financial blessing to remove central wall & make new roof on the chapel. May God provide the funds for chapel work and more school room.

Bro. Shahzad is continuing to work with two schools to educate young children in impoverished villages in Pakistan. One school has 141 students and the other school has 173 children, some of which are very poor children from the brick kilns.

It was a blessing to hear from another pastor that I traveled and ministered with a few years ago in Pakistan. He is continuing to reach out to Muslims. For safety reasons he is having to move to a different city. The brethren continue to distribute bibles as they are made available. There were some moving pictures we received of Muslim men holding their new bibles, but for safety reasons we cannot publish them. Please pray for the word of God to spread in this country.

Please pray that God would guide me and give direction about another missionary trip to Pakistan.

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