Pakistan Report April 2020

From Bro. Shahzad:

We stand before God the Father in fasting and prayers for this present much trouble situation around the world. May thousands of people, nations, and countries come to faith in Jesus….May the Lord bring great spiritual revivals and great change 

There have been heavy rains and it has been difficult to travel. The classrooms are not yet under construction due to the muddy conditions. The children continue to work outside most of the time when possible. It will be a blessing when the weather clears and workers can get back to work. Lord willing, they can then begin construction on more classrooms.

As in other parts of the world, businesses have been shut down in Pakistan because of the coronavirus. Many of the Christians are day laborers so they are now without work and suffering. Different ministers and people from the Church of God congregations and kilns are asking of there is anything we can do to help during this time. The brick kilns are shut down and so the poorest of the poor have no work. Please pray that God will provide. If you would like to assist in helping during this crisis, Africa Mission & Beyond is accepting donations and will forward them to people in need. God bless!

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