Pakistan Report: August 2020

The gospel work is continuing in Pakistan in a few small villages. The brethren have a burden to start Sunday Schools in new areas to teach the children about Jesus. It is a blessing to continue to receive pictures and reports of new converts being baptized. Baptism is a testimony of faith that has great value and importance. May it never be trivialized among God’s people. Please pray for the continued establishment of souls and the ministers in truth.
With COVID-19 relief funds, over 200 families were provided with food packs and minsters were assisted during this time. Pakistan has not been exempt from the economic struggles as many of the brick kilns have been shut down.

Excerpt from Bro. S. in Pakistan: “We both and all ministers, school teachers and all families have many thanks for you and Sister Rene and all saints to the Church of God in the United States and in Germany. Your support gives us good comfort and make blessing in our difficult time. We thank you and thankful to the Lord.”



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