Pakistan Report March 2018

Pakistan March feature

Following is a condensed report gathered from recent letters from Bro. S—

Faisalabad School

Today I am updating Chapel School work at Faisalabad. There are about 150 children. Some children came in last month January for new admission and in this Annual exam 125 children attending Annual exam this Year.

Today I have had a good visit to the school and spent a few hours with the children during their exam. I am thankful to God that children are doing good work and I appreciate the school teachers for their hard work. I am sending you some pictures, I hope you will enjoy seeing them.

I am praying for the success of all the students in this exam. These exams will finish on Monday, February 26, 2018, then school will close for four days. During this time, we will need purchase books, notebooks and stationary and prepare for a school program for the children. We will there distribute the books, notebooks and stationary to needy children for reopening of school again on Saturday 3rd March when we will start new classes.

There are 125 students needy of our love and support so there is need your support. The cost for books and notebooks for 1 needy child is 300-800 rupees ($5-$12).


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Amrat Nagar School

Thanks to the Lord! Bro. Haroon had a safe and successful visit to Amrat Nagar school and God kept him safe through traveling and spending time with the teachers and children as they took their annual exams.
I hope you will enjoy seeing these beautiful pictures of the children. They are poor but so happy to have the privilege to attend a school.

Please pray for children. This week we are taking the Annual exam. I hope to see a satisfactory results and better progress for both our Schools. We plan to organize a program to announce Annual exam results report on March 12. We need to go and travel there.

After the exams school will close for few days. And then there will be time for us to purchase books and notebooks and stationary.

And we planning to organize a “school children support program” on dated 13th March to give books and notebooks and stationary bags etc., those are very needed to our support needy and poor children.

The school staff consists of five people plus the school guard. There are 91 students needed our love and support. We will help needy children according to small and high classes buy purchasing and distributing books and notebooks. One child’s books and note books cost 500 to 700 rupees. 1st grade to 5th Grade classes.

Some of the other current needs are 50 small chairs for children, a school office table with 6 chairs, a new water pump and tank, and some sanitary work.

I thank you very much for your prayers for our safety in doing Gospel and educational work helping very poor and needy kids.

May God pouring rains of blessings upon you and all saints of the Church of the God in the United States.

Give our love and greetings to all saints of the Church of God from us, ministers and congregation.

Bro. S—


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