Pakistan Report

The gospel continues to be shared in villages and in the brick kilns of Pakistan. The ministers with whom we are working have primary burdens to reach out to the underprivileged and poor of their country. Was not this also the primary focus of Christ on the earth? Jesus came for all people, but it is so often the poor in their desperation and neediness who are more open to receive the message of the gospel.

For many years, the congregations in Pakistan have followed their cultural practice of using a small organ in their worship services. I received word that some are gaining spiritual understanding and are putting away their instruments in pursuit of more fully worshiping the Lord in Spirit without the interference and mood setting of instruments. Our prayer is that God would reveal Himself and lead the people in clarity in all aspects of truth. There is no value to changing to adhere to a practice from the saints in the western world. Culture and customs are different, but we all want to grow and change in accordance with the teachings and practices of God’s Word. May God give all His people wisdom to understand and know how to delineate between God’s truth and cultural and personal expression. 

The ministers and teachers in the schools are very thankful for any support that has been giving to them to enable them to carry on with their ministries and labor of love.

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