Pakistan Update: Feb 2022

The ministers and families in Pakistan are very grateful for the assistance they received through Project Christmas Blessing and Africa Mission & Beyond. The poor children of the brick kilns had great joy as they received gifts and heard the story of the birth of Jesus our Savior. The brick kiln workers enjoyed and received comfort through the gospel meetings. “They have all much happy and thankful to the Lord.” We are very thankful for the gospel outreach meetings and children’s programs the last two months. Through PCB in December and January, about 10,000 people heard the gospel message and souls were saved.

Registration for the church is due again in Pakistan and there have been changes to the law. We trust and pray that all will go smoothly in this process.

The two Christian schools are still operating and moving forward. Africa Mission has committed to paying the complete amount for teacher salaries at least through the month of July. The teachers were coming and going so much that individual classes would be without teachers because the school could not pay their salaries. Since the school is an outreach to very poor families, they are not bringing in enough to sustain daily operations. We have not committed to support them beyond July at this point because the salaries are very expensive. Read more about PCB 2021.


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