Pakistan News

Pakistan School Construction Report

Some funds from Project Christmas Blessing 2019 were designated to help build three more classrooms at the Church of God school in Pakistan. We are thankful that that project is underway. There will…

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Pakistan Gospel Report

Excerpts from Bro. S in concerning the gospel work in Pakistan: “Greetings in Jesus Name! Thanks to the Lord that we are fine and safe in God's hands. I am very excited in the Lord that these some…

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Pakistan Report: August 2020

The gospel work is continuing in Pakistan in a few small villages. The brethren have a burden to start Sunday Schools in new areas to teach the children about Jesus. It is a blessing to continue to…

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Pakistan Report April 2020

From Bro. Shahzad: We stand before God the Father in fasting and prayers for this present much trouble situation around the world. May thousands of people, nations, and countries come to faith in…

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Project Christmas Blessing 2019

PCB 2019: Pakistan—Care in the Kilns Record Breaking YearPCB 2019 was a wonderful success with over $46,000 being raised to minister to the impoverished families who live and work in the…

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Pakistan Report April 2019

From Bro. Shahzad: I am leaving a prayers request for me and my wife that the Lord and Holy Spirit guide us to do work in truth and faith that we could Go and share the truth of Gospel  and…

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Pakistan Blessings

Special Year end Services The saints in Pakistan are “excited” and rejoicing for the peaceful meetings they have had this season. They are very thankful for the presence of God in their worship…

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Easter Week in Pakistan 2018

Palm Sunday: I am glad to write you that we had a blessed Palm Sunday meeting. I am sending some pictures of this meeting. We started worship service at 9:30 a.m.  Bro. H led in prayer to start the…

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Pakistan March 18 Feature

Pakistan Report March 2018

Following is a condensed report gathered from recent letters from Bro. S— Faisalabad School Today I am updating Chapel School work at Faisalabad. There are about 150 children. Some children came in…

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Amrat Nagar 2017 feature

Amrat Nagar School – Pakistan

The new school at Amrat Nagar is going on. These photos are from a school program performed on August 27. The school is operated through donations and there is an ongoing struggle to pay teachers.…

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