PCB 2020 Distributions

Project Christmas Blessing 2020 was administered in countries around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a special outpouring of donations to reach out in love to impoverished children and families in many countries: Ghana, Honduras, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania. PCB 2020 was a miraculous, record-breaking year with over $83,000 being raised!

Blessing the Servants

Many people have struggled during the pandemic due to economic hardship. This year, PCB targeted the families of servants around the globe: pastors, schoolteachers, gospel workers, etc. These are the individuals and families that are so often the first to give of themselves and the last to receive. PCB gave a meaningful, financial blessing to over 300 of these ministering servants who work in gospel and humanitarian fields; and PCB reminded them how much they are loved and appreciated for their daily sacrifice for the Lord and for others. They used their donations to buy gifts for their children and to assist the family with basic needs. This was received with great appreciation and thanksgiving from gospel workers and teachers in many countries.

Full Report and Albums

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