Project Christmas Blessing 2019

PCB 2019: Pakistan—Care in the Kilns

Record Breaking Year
PCB 2019 was a wonderful success with over $46,000 being raised to minister to the impoverished families who live and work in the brick kilns of Pakistan. René, Ethan, and I traveled to Pakistan for about two weeks to share the love of Christ through the sacrifice and love of people in America. This was the first time René and Ethan had been in Pakistan and they found the culture quite different than that of many African countries which they have visited.

Working in conjunction with local brethren in a small village, we reached over 850 families in two schools and many brick kilns. The Lord opened doors for us and kept us safe in spite of a demand from the local Muslim village leader where we were staying.

Working Together
There was much work in the planning, ordering, transporting, packing, and distribution of goods. We hired six men who worked for us from morning till night, sometimes throughout the night. Each family received a large, warm blanket, 20kg of flour, rice, sugar, ghee, balloons, candy, and a soccer ball. At each distribution site, we shared a message of the birth of Christ and the love of God that elevates us from sin to a relationship with the Lord. At some distributions, there were hundreds of people and things began to get unruly at times, but the Lord was with us. It was a delight to see the smiles of happiness and gratitude on the faces of the children. The nights were very cold and let us know firsthand how much the blankets would be appreciated.

Pray for the New Converts
The basic message of Jesus Christ was proclaimed in this Muslim country as the only way to get to Heaven. There were many people that prayed publicly with me to invite the Lord Jesus into their hearts. Only eternity will reveal the lasting good that was accomplished.
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