Project Christmas Blessing 2020

Our world has been greatly impacted this year by COVID-19. Project Christmas Blessing 2020 will bring relief to impoverished families around the world with a meaningful contribution. We are targeting the families of servants around the globe: pastors, school teachers, gospel workers, and the elderly. These are the individuals and families that are often the first to give of themselves and the last to receive. PCB will remind them this year that what they are doing matters and that they are loved and appreciated.

PCB will reach out to families in Honduras, India, Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, Mozambique, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Tanzania as financial goals are reached. Ministering servants and their children will receive provision for food, gifts, and financial blessings to assist them during this time of hardship. PCB will be coordinating with leaders on the ground in the various countries to administer PCB most effectively in each respective country.

A percentage of all donations this year will be used to help build housing for teachers at an orphanage school in Kenya. In this way, PCB lives on after the food is eaten and the toys are gone, making a lasting difference in a needy community. The bigger the donations, the greater the impact.

As always, the love of Jesus Christ and message of salvation will accompany the distributions. Your donation will make a difference!

Read more about PCB 2020 and donate at:

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