Relief for Cyclone Victims

Multiple cyclones hit Malawi and Mozambique in March and caused much destruction, especially in southern Malawi where many saints live. Approximately 950 families from the church were displaced from their homes to live in camps due to severe flooding and homes lost. The situation was very difficult and there was a great lack of food. Reports of deaths were submitted due to the dire conditions.

This need was shared in the March newsletter. The saints sacrificially responded, and Africa Mission & Beyond assisted each displaced family with 50 kg of maize and one blanket. The brethren in Malawi who distributed the food reported that travel was very difficult due to damaged roads and bridges. Maize transported in larger trucks had to be transferred to smaller trucks in some areas because the roads were in such a state of disrepair. The disaster relief was received with thanksgiving from those who have been suffering so much. 

The need to help thousands of people seemed beyond our ability to help, but God and His people one more time met the challenge with overwhelming love for those going hungry. There remain hundreds of families in camps in both Malawi and Mozambique as they prepare to rebuild their homes. In some areas, it is about time to begin harvesting maize. Please pray for the success of this year’s harvest.

Iron sheets were purchased for roofing to assist three different congregations whose chapels had collapsed during the disaster.

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