Second Malawi Trip Planned 1997

(Faith & Victory : July 1997)

As our readers will recall, in August of last year, Bro. Bob Sallee and Bro. Michael Smith journeyed to the country of Malawi, Central Africa, to visit the congregations under the oversight of Bro. Failos Namaozongo.

Bro. Bob Sallee has expressed a continued burden for this missionary work, and accompanied by his daughter, Sis. Karen Sallee, plans to return this July for another visit.

Money is being sent with Bro. Bob so the congregations which Bro. Failos has raised up in the country of Mozambique can be registered in the name of the Church of God. Registration will allow and facilitate visits in Mozambique by Church of God missionaries.

Keep Bro. Bob and Sis. Karen in your thoughts and prayers as they make this journey. We wish them the blessing of a safe and profitable trip.

–Bro. Wayne Murphey

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