Secondary School Completion

secondary school

It is with much thanksgiving that we report the completion of the Huruma Secondary School building. There was a great need to have a school on site to educate the orphans so that they would not have to live somewhere else to attend high school. The first set of orphans from Huruma who reached high school age had to do that, and they found themselves in some very difficult situations due to the strong influences of the world.

With that burden, the first phase of the school was completed to educate Form I-II (Grade 9-10), and the first classes began in February, 2015. Upon completion, we needed to continue the building to provide for the next grades. The government was very accommodating and gave accreditations sooner than they normally would because of their faith in the good work being done.

July, 2015, we gave instructions to begin the foundation of the second and larger phase of the building project. While we did not have funds to proceed with the project, we were inspired to move ahead. Quoting from a post in 2015: “We had a plan, the purpose, the contractor, and 25% of the funds, so in faith we gave instructions to begin the work…”

Praise be to God, the funds came in when needed and this monumental task was accomplished. We give thanks to all the sponsors and donors for sacrificing that this school could be built. The school has two classes for each high school grade, a library, laboratory, and administration rooms.

God is worthy to be praised. Just a few years ago, all that existed at Huruma was a few small buildings and a dream for something better for these orphans. Truly, God has been good.

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