She Gave Her Life for Theirs

Dear Brother,

We went to Mozambique for the burial of on of the old women who takes care of about seven grandchildren orphans in her house. Last month after she received a bag of maize, it was not enough for her large family for a month so she spend some days without eating, giving food to the children. She was found weak, and in a few days she was dead. We are very sorry for that. Bro. James and I went for the burial.

I can report as you already know about our brothers in Mozambique. The maize we gave them was for a month to small families, but even until now they are still suffering more than at that time. The prices of things is very high so please work together and pray for them. The past two weeks I visited Mozambique and saw small children become thin and the old people are losing weight due to lack of maize for food. We remember that last month you provided, but still if there is a chance found somewhere…please. We know you have done a lot.

We think their crops in Mozambique might be harvested maybe next month or early February. This is because the rain was late as it has been every year. They are struggling more than before because right now the prices of maize have risen to 17.500 and that is too much for poor people. They are eating mangoes as food right now.

Bro. Master

There is an ongoing food fund, but we are not able to send funds unless there is enough for 1900 families and we are still at a deficit from the funds we sent last month to provide all 1900 families with one bag of maize. If the Lord lays it on your heart to help in this humanitarian crisis, know that your donation is literally keeping someone alive. This cycle of hunger is ongoing and long-lasting, but that makes them no less hungry today. Pray for God to provide lasting solutions for this problem with the crops. Feed the Hungry Food Fund Donations

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