Sickness at Huruma

As of this morning, 33 students are reported sick with 12 ill enough to be hospitalized. A neighbor man died suddenly in the night. He never woke up and his case has been ruled COVID-19. They are endeavoring to quarantine the sick students in the smaller houses on the grounds to protect the others in the dorm.

A little over a week ago the Director and wife were very sick and after that the Assistant Director got sick. Children have been getting sick a few at a time. We weren’t sure what they had as malaria is so common there and covid testing is not locally available in Kenya. It is only tested in the larger cities like Nairobi (6-8 hour drive). Some of the symptoms have included extreme weakness and difficulty breathing for complicated cases. Every day 2-3 students were being taken to hospital for a short stay to stabilize. This is complicated further because the nurses are striking country-wide and public hospitals are closed so they must go to private facilities which are expensive. One young boy nearly died, but is now recovering.

Please pray that this wave of sickness will be confined and that there will be no loss of life. That would be tragic for Huruma. They have worked so hard to follow government policies for safety protocols and are doing all they can to care for the sick children. The government wants the school to remain open so there is traffic with community children mingling with the orphan children and the possibilities for an epidemic are great.

Your prayers are valued for the health of the children and also for the greatly increased financial load this had created this year. It has been unprecedented and we pray for God to provide for these children as He has until now.

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