Small Food Distribution Sent to Malawi

As we were distributing food to the hungry in Kenya for PCB in January, reports were coming in from Malawi of extreme cases of hunger in Malawi.

“Dear brother, I hope your doing fine.  First let me thank in advance for the help. Right now things is too bad for the sake of food not only in Phalombe or Zomba—all over Malawi. In some areas a bag of maize now is 50.000 so do send it fast to save some lives of old people and orphans. Once again, thank you.”

We did not have the resources to help on a large scale but were able to send funds for a small distribution to be given to the poorest of the poor and the most vulnerable—the elderly, widows and orphans. Estimates were 500-600 of these, not counting normal family units. Tragically, the wire got held up and the money did not arrive in the normal period of time. It took nearly two weeks for the money to arrive. The situation was so dire that people who had gone days without food went to a local business man and took maize on loan against the coming funds. Since he had worked with us in the past this was able to be arranged. 230 bags of maize were purchased and divided among these needy people.

The funds have now arrived and we ask your prayers for these people and all the others that are suffering.

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