Support a Meeting/Minister

Africa Mission & Beyond ministers in many impoverished countries. People often walk for long distances, sometimes days, to reach a church camp meeting. It is a great challenge for the people to have extended meetings because of the lack of food and money. Donations enable gospel meetings to be held in third-world countries.

There is minimal money sent monthly to native ministers in other countries. Many of the ministers have very little and most of their time is spent in trying to provide basic food for their families. Ministerial support enables ministers to spend their time spreading the gospel. A monthly offering of $40-$100/month will meet the basic needs for one minister and his family.

Kenya Meeting and Baptism

We thank each of you for your general support of the mission work. Sometimes projects are easier to support because of our human desire to see immediate results from what we give, but general…

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Dedication Set for Kenya Tabernacle

  We are thankful for the progress that has been made on the tabernacle in Kenya. The foundation, pillars, front wall and trusses have been completed. A season of torrential rain began which…

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Malawi Ministers Meeting

    During our August 2023 trip to Malawi we had the opportunity to conduct a larger ministers meeting. On the last trip Bro. Michael had a smaller meeting of about 30 ministers so we were…

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Breaking Ground on Kenya Tabernacle

Praise the Lord! A tractor is on site breaking ground for the future tabernacle. It will be wonderful to see things beginning to happen on this project. If you wish to contribute to this effort,…

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