Take Courage, Little Christian

Take Courage
(Faith & Victory : September 1997)

Take courage, little Christian, though the battle rage on;
The victory is yours through the gift of God’s son.
He was bruised and battered – by His stripes we are healed,
My cup runneth over, it wasn’t just filled.
The saints in one spirit lift their voice to the sky
For one sweet soul that suffers – how it makes our hearts cry.
Oh, but God can work wonders, if to Him we hold fast,
The day of miracles is NOT past.

The gift has been granted, the deed has been done:
Rest in Christ, little Christian, for we’ve just begun,
To rebuke Satan’s armies and the darkness about;
For this victory is yours without a shadow of a doubt.

Take Courage, little Christian, you’ve fought a good fight,
Claim victory through Jesus and in His great might,
He will strengthen and bless you – ’tis His sweet delight.
Rest well, little Christian, all through the night.

The battle is now over, the victory’s been won,
Let’s praise God in the highest for the work He has done.
Now Satan’s not happy; he’s a sore loser, you see—
­He’d rather keep fighting than to just let you be.

We will keep praying for you and that Satan will see,
He hasn’t a chance and he might as well flee.
For in the name of Jesus, we rebuke him once more,
And we’ll do it again if he doesn’t head out the door.

Let this victory ever be written on the tables of your heart,
So that from God’s sweet presence you shall never depart.
And when Satan comes to tempt you, you can stop him dead still,
For you have faith to move mountains – so just trust in God’s will.
I thank you for trusting in the Lord through this fight,
I’ve received such a blessing because of your faith in the night.
If you’re ever in battle and need back-up support,
Reach out to the saints; on their knees they’ll report.

– Written by Mike Anderson

(Mike received inspiration for this poem during Sis. Karen’s recent battle and healing of malaria.)

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