Tanzania Mission Trip 2008

Tanzania mission trip 2008

On Wednesday, May 28, we departed from the Oklahoma City airport. After a layover in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we arrived in Nairobi, Kenya early Friday morning on May 30th. We were met at the airport by Bro. Peter who accompanied us for most our stay in Kenya and Tanzania.

Over the past two years, Bro. Doug and I have been making various contacts with ministers in Kenya and Tanzania – some of whom Bro. Doug visited last year. Over the course of our stay, we visited more of these contacts and held services in various locations. As our time was limited, we were unable to fulfill all of the requests we received from different congregations to come and share the gospel with them.

We traveled to Tanzania and stayed with Bro. Paul. The Walls met him last year. Services were held outdoors as many people were in attendance. People from different faiths and congregations in the local area were present. God poured out His anointing in the teaching and preaching and honest souls were blessed.

On Saturday, June 7 we traveled to Mwanza Town, often sighting Lake Victoria in the distance. We stayed with Bro. Issa. He is another minister with whom we have had correspondence. He said that God brought to him in a dream/vision the words: ‘www.africamission.com.’ He went to where he could access the internet and typed it in. Hence, our correspondence began. We had services the evening we arrived and the following day, which was Sunday. There was much doctrinal teaching done in Kenya and Tanzania, as that was the focus of many of the questions. There has been a large Pentecostal influence in these areas. Hence, the subject of the Holy Spirit was dealt with repeatedly.

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