Tanzania Mission Trip Report 2012

Tanzania trip 2012

When God says “Go”….. Go! When He gives pause, wait! This has been my purpose and goal in life to follow the quiet leading of the Holy Spirit. While not always easy in the flesh, the Lord has been faithful to give grace and strength for the going and for the waiting. When we follow His direction, we can then leave the results and outcomes in the hand of God. Ours is not always to know the ‘whys’ but to be obedient to the call of God.

On February 6, I left the comfort of home and once again headed to the land of the people that God put in my heart over fifteen years ago. 25 hours later, I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya. I had an extra day in which to try to rest and combat the nine hour time difference. While the quiet time was beneficial, I had a fairly sleepless night. The following day, I proceeded on a short flight to Tanzania. Upon arrival, the passengers were met by health inspectors. Unfortunately, I did not have the heath certificates that are necessary when flying between African countries. After all the other passengers were gone, I was left outside with the inspectors with the possibility of being denied entry to Tanzania. Thankfully, after negotiations, I was able to proceed with the mission.

I was met by Bro. Peter of Kenya and Bro. Stephano of Tanzania outside the airport. We traveled for two and a half hours by vehicle to the location of the meeting. After leaving my bags at a cockroach-infested guesthouse in the community (thankfully I had brought bug killer), we proceeded directly into a preaching service.

Ministers were present from many different areas and congregations in Tanzania. The Lord blessed in these outdoor services which lasted from Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning. There were probably up to 250 people in attendance – some walking for two days to be there.

The weekend was full of teaching and preaching. In the mornings, Bro. Peter would give a lesson, we would have a break, I would teach, break for lunch, and then I would preach a message. There was a very good altar response in almost every service. I was grateful for the faithfulness of the Holy Spirit to lead, direct, and bring conviction. It was a blessing to be able to work in unity with Bro. Peter and have him assist in the services. Both of us almost lost our voices due to the extensive teaching and preaching.

Not all of the teaching was received with open hearts as there were ministers present more interested in their religious position than in truth. There was some open opposition to clear Biblical truth, but ours was not to argue. Rather, each minister and person present was faced with a decision to make. But as Joshua, we are thankful for each one that purposed “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

The following topics were covered: The Great Commandment, True Religion, The Works of the Flesh vs. Works of the Spirit, Following Jesus-Decision, The Church, The Holy Spirit, Power in the Name of Jesus.

In addition, I spent extensive time answering questions that the ministers had submitted covering controversial topics: Sabbath Keeping, Tithing, Marriage, Anointing Oil, Old Covenant, etc. It is of note that in a land of superstition and witchcraft, anointing oil is viewed by many as possessing mystical power.

People were present who had spirits of witchcraft and had been involved in delivering potions that had killed people in the past. Religious spirits were present that had been present in past years also. I thank God for the divine authority of the Holy Spirit over these spirits of the enemy. There were also many people present who opened their hearts to the Lord. The simple truths of the gospel proved to be enlightening and ‘new’ to a people where church is so often about money, position, and religion. The anointing of the Lord proved rich and we praise God.

I believe the Lord is wanting to loose the truth of the gospel in this country. I was grateful for the sincerity and love of my hosts and friends, Bro. Stephano and Sis. Easter. They are laboring hard through much opposition from the enemy to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.



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