Tanzania Mission Trip Report 2014

Tanzania trip 2014

The last weekend of our trip to Kenya, we hired a vehicle to take to us to Tanzania for another gospel meeting. The little town is on the shore of beautiful Lake Victoria. It was refreshing to walk to the lake. The temperature was extremely hot and it was difficult to sleep. The day we arrived, we drove into the interior and had service with a congregation under a tree. It was reminiscent of Malawi. The people had been waiting all day long for us to arrive. They were very receptive to the “living water” of the gospel.

The Lord blessed in a special way in the general services at the larger meeting. There continues to be an open door in Tanzania and there are many congregations that are open to hear the gospel. It is a land full of religious and devilish spirits, and we encounter those often in Tanzania. These spirits are fighting hard against the gospel but are having to flee before the power of Christ.

On Sunday, many of the people sought the Lord to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord poured out His anointing. Our prayer is that the people will avail themselves of this wonderful gift that is still being bestowed in these last days..

I was not feeling well when I preached this last service. As we left for the drive back to Kenya, I was in a lot of pain in my head. By the time we got back to the orphanage in Kenya, I had a very high fever and had some of the worst pain I have ever experienced in my head. I was desperate for help. Thus began a sickness that was to last for many weeks.

The Lord helped us get to Nairobi to a hotel room. We stayed at the hotel for about three days before our flight left. During this time, my condition grew to the place that I didn’t know for sure if I would survive. I was very sick and had times I was talking out of my head. It was our desire to fly home. At the airport, I was pale, covered in sweat, and very weak. We were praying that I wouldn’t be stopped by the authorities. God helped me get on the plane without incident. From the time I got on the plane, the Lord stopped my fever and it never came back. On top of whatever disease I had, it seems as though I also contracted pneumonia. I had a horrible cough, and even broke a rib during this time due to coughing so much. I remained sick and having problems but the Lord once again spared my life. I was down for six weeks and my energy level still remains low, but God has been faithful. Thank you for your prayers and love.

My wife then got sick with something else and was unable to walk for a week. She is doing better for which we thank God. The trip has passed and was overshadowed by sickness. But, the Lord blessed the trip and much good was accomplished. There remains much work to do for the Lord and it is our desire to continue faithful in our call. The Devil fights hard, but that is his business. God has proven Himself time and time again and ours is the victory though Jesus Christ.

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