Tanzania News Report 2011

 Tanzania news report 2011
June 17, 2011

The Spirit of God continues to move in a wonderful way in Tanzania. In February, over 50 ministers attended a ministers meeting and heard gospel truth they had never heard before. They went home and the Spirit continued to move. They came back together this month bringing many others with them. The fires of revival of been lit by the Spirit. Many people received salvation. As in the days of Christ, people were carried to the meeting on mats to be  prayed for. Toward the end of the meeting, there were about 1000 people in attendance. Bro. Peter of Kenya was in attendance and helped with the teaching and preaching.

The enemy is very unhappy with the move of the Lord. Bro. Stephano and his wife lost their newborn twin babies and the wife was critically ill. God spared her life and we thank God for that. Please pray that the Lord will continue to comfort and strengthen them for the work in Tanzania.

November 21, 2011

Please pray for Bro. Stephano and five other ministers who were arrested for preaching outside their district without proper church registration. They have been in jail several days and today will go to court. Pray that God will deliver them and enable them to get proper registration in the near future. Bro. Stephano is the minister whose wife lost twins in childbirth several months ago

November 22, 2011

Bro. Stephano and the 5 other ministers went before a judge today. They were told that they had done wrong by holding a meeting without government approval because it could have been anti-government in nature. They explained to the judge that they had only been preaching the truth. They were put back in jail for all this week. The court sentenced them to pay a fine of 5000ksh ($55) each or one and a half years in jail equal to day and night- nine months. They will be in court on Thursday for the final judgment. Please pray for these brethren that God will be with them in the jail cell and bring comfort and peace and that He would move the authorities to release them.

November 26, 2011

Bro. Peter from Kenya was able to take the funds we sent and deliver them to the officials in Tanzania. Bro. Stephano and the five other ministers were released. They are to reappear in December for another “check-in” court date. The officials are asking them to have the church registration completed by early spring. This can be a lengthy and expensive process. Bro. Stephano expressed great relief and gratitude to the saints for intervening to pay the fine. They were so happy to be out of jail.

It is suspected that they were turned in by their enemies. God has been working a great revival in Tanzania the past few years. Many have left indiginous and sectarian religions to worship in spirit and truth. This has caused great angst among the other churches. Please pray for God to glorify His name whether through persecution or protection and pray that the church will be faithful to God even in hard times.

December 26, 2011

Bro. Stephano, upon release from jail, went home rejoicing to have been released. Soon after, a storm passed though and destroyed the chapel and caused a wall of his house to crumble and fall. The enemy is not happy with the spread of the gospel in this place. Please hold this brother and his wife up in your prayers.
We are trying to assist in every way possible to help them get government approval for the church in Tanzania. We sent some funds to assist with the problems, and they encountered problems with officials who thought they were receiving money from international sources for anti-government activities. We look for the Lord resolve all of these issues.

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