Tanzania News

Tanzania Chapel Update: September 2020

  The Church of God in Tanzania is continuing to work on building a chapel. AMB sent a small offering to help them purchase more bricks that were used for the foundation. They have currently…

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Tanzania: August 2020

Bro. Stephano and congregation in Tanzania are working to build a chapel. They have formed and fired 5,000 bricks. The community has been referring to them as the “poor church” because of…

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Freed from Devil Possession

Mektelida is a beautiful 17 year old Tanzanian girl. Her grandfather has been involved in witchcraft and often people will try to infect as many people as possible in their families. Mektelida…

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Church Registration

Tanzania—There has been a time of waiting on the Lord for direction and guidance involving some of the aspects of the gospel efforts in Tanzania. Following Bro. Doug Wall and Bro. Clifford Cole’s…

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Tanzania trip 2014

Tanzania Mission Trip Report 2014

The last weekend of our trip to Kenya, we hired a vehicle to take to us to Tanzania for another gospel meeting. The little town is on the shore of beautiful Lake Victoria. It was refreshing to walk…

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Tanzania news 2013

Tanzania News Report 2013

January 5, 2013 I was saddened to received word that Sis. Ester is critically ill. She was in prayer when she fell over severely sick. She is bleeding and vomiting and at last report was in critical…

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Tanzania trip 2012

Tanzania Mission Trip Report 2012

When God says “Go”….. Go! When He gives pause, wait! This has been my purpose and goal in life to follow the quiet leading of the Holy Spirit. While not always easy in the flesh, the Lord has been…

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Tanzania news report 2011

Tanzania News Report 2011

  June 17, 2011 The Spirit of God continues to move in a wonderful way in Tanzania. In February, over 50 ministers attended a ministers meeting and heard gospel truth they had never heard before.…

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Tanzania mission trip 2011

Tanzania Mission Trip 2011

  February 28, 2011 On Monday, Feb 14, Bro. Peter, René and I traveled to Tanzania from Kenya. The others stayed behind at the orphanage to continue their respective works. Upon arriving in…

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Tanzania news report 2010

Tanzania News Report 2010

  September 29, 2010 One of the ministers in Tanzania just had a son to pass away, so let us remember him in prayer.  There continues to be interest in the truth from Tanzania and we look for God to…

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