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Tanzania mission trip 2011

Tanzania Mission Trip 2011

  February 28, 2011 On Monday, Feb 14, Bro. Peter, René and I traveled to Tanzania from Kenya. The others stayed behind at the orphanage to continue their respective works. Upon arriving in…

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Tanzania news report 2010

Tanzania News Report 2010

  September 29, 2010 One of the ministers in Tanzania just had a son to pass away, so let us remember him in prayer.  There continues to be interest in the truth from Tanzania and we look for God to…

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Tanzania mission trip 2008

Tanzania Mission Trip 2008

On Wednesday, May 28, we departed from the Oklahoma City airport. After a layover in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we arrived in Nairobi, Kenya early Friday morning on May 30th. We were met at the…

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Africa trip plan

Planned Africa Mission Trip 2008

March 11, 2008 Lord willing, Bro. Doug, Sis. Lenita Wall and I will be making a trip to Africa this summer. I was planning a trip to Malawi and Mozambique and Bro. Doug was planning to return to…

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Kenya news update

Kenya-Tanzania News Update 2007

January 04, 2007 We have also received a good report from Kenya. There are some brethren that we have had contact with for some time. We gave them some other contacts we had in Kenya of people…

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Tanzania mission trip 2007

Tanzania Mission Trip Report 2007

By Bro. Doug and Sis. Lenita Wall After receiving emails from Brother Paul in Africa and corresponding with him for a considerable time, the Lord gave us a burden to go to Africa on a missionary…

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