Taumaulipas, Mexico Mission Trip 2016

Mexico trip 2016

Toward the end of December, my family and I, accompanied by Sis. Karissa Bird, made a short weekend trip to Mexico to share the gospel and administer PCB. The area to which we traveled was 5-6 hours south of the border in some of the most dangerous parts of Mexico due to drug cartel activity. We were met at the border by Bro. Omar. As it is more dangerous to be on the roads at night, we traveled quickly to get to a little Mexican village during daylight hours. Bro. Omar and his wife have recently moved to a new location in an evangelistic endeavor.

Weekend Services Held

We arrived on a Thursday evening and service in the partially constructed chapel began shortly thereafter. Calls were made to try to find someone in the area who could translate for us. A man, who was not a Christian, came to the village to translate. He was very backward and it was difficult for the people to hear him translate. There was good attendance from the villagers and the children loved to sing. It was obvious that Sis. Selene had been working much with them in the last eight weeks.

“I Felt Something Inside”

A neighbor lady, who had attended the service that evening, said she didn’t understand everything but felt something inside. Sis. Selene told her that was the Spirit of God dealing. Later that night, we were called to anoint and pray for another neighbor man who was burning up with fever. The following day, we went to a nearby town and purchased goods for PCB. After a long, full day of shopping, we returned in time for another service.

Missing Translator

Right as the service started, we were informed there was no one to translate. Our previous translator had jumped ship. I know enough verbs and nouns to dangerously communicate, but I was totally incapable of preaching in Spanish. A few years ago, Bro. Mathew Gellenbeck’s children thought it wise for me to use a translator when I told them in Spanish that “Jesus killed the whole world” as opposed to “Jesus died for the whole world.”

Depending on the Lord

Rene speaks much better Spanish but felt ill equipped to translate. I had a real burden that night for the message and I told her God would help her to translate. So she stood by me and translated to Bro. Omar, who then perfected the Spanish and preached it to the people. The Lord sent conviction through a very simple message on the subject of the “Lost Sheep.” There were three or four couples, most of whom were Catholic, that came forward to be saved. One of the men that was saved was the man who had been very sick the night before. God had healed him physically and spiritually. Thank God.

Project Christmas Blessing

Saturday, our young people made up the gift packs for the children. We then took off on roads, knowing not where we went, to randomly pass out gifts to children in rural areas. We arrived back at the chapel to have the PCB service. I preached a short message and then Bro. Omar shared the simple story of Christ’s birth and gift to the world.

500 Tamales

Every evening after service, food was provided for the congregation and visitors. The ladies in the congregation had worked especially hard to make 500 tamales for that evening’s meal. We were all very blessed by the fellowship and anointing of the Lord on this trip. God gave safety and protection every step of the way. Please remember the gospel efforts in Mexico.

[Questions or support for the work in Mexico can be directed to Sis. Tricia Bell or Sis. Rosie Gellenbeck.]

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