Teacher Support in Pakistan Outreach School

Shakeela is the newest teacher brought to the Church of God school in Faisalabad this month.

Thank you for your support that will help retain the teachers this month. We are trying to support them with $700/month for 6 months to ensure that the teachers are not coming and going so much because there isn’t money to pay them.

Volunteer labor only goes so far. When you are requiring skilled labor day in and day out from people that must support families, there must be support to enable the vision of ministries like this school to continue. Sustainability is out of reach for many ministries because they are ministering to those who have nothing to give for their education. This school isn’t educating children because they can turn a profit, they are educating children to fulfill the commission of Christ to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

In Pakistan, you are not by law permitted to proselytize people to Christianity. However, you are permitted to minister to nominal Christians. Many of these children’s parents are Christian in name only. They are “Christian” because they aren’t Muslim. There is much work to be done to teach the simple gospel of Christ and introduce these children and their families to the gospel that will transform the life and be more than a religion of culture or religion by default.

The fields are white unto harvest.

Thank you for helping put feet on the vision.

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