Third Season Drought Reaches Critical Level

The people of Mozambique are suffering tremendously. The third growing season of drought has reached a critical level and is causing death. The people gathered mangoes to eat until they were gone. Now they subsist on gourds and pumpkin. Even the leaves are dried to cook into stews or curries when nothing more can be found. Children must leave school to forage for food.
These people live in such remote areas that there is little commerce. Without infrastructure or transportation, they subsist on what they can grow. Again and again, the crops have failed. There are people in Mozambique that have gone to bed hungry for their whole lives, and now they watch their children suffer the same fate.
In March, Africa Mission sent an emergency shipment, but it was only enough for 400 people to divide a bag between 3 families providing 10 days of relief.
Last week, three elderly people and one 5-year-old boy died due to complications of malnutrition. The old people lay in their houses, sleeping through the day, drinking only water and waiting—for death or for a miracle.
In order to better assist the people, Africa Mission is beginning by educating themselves from local sources to understand better farming methods. However, without irrigation, the seed is still dependent upon the rains to help it to grow. In the meantime, the need is desperate. A bag of maize costs about $20 right now and feeds a family for a month. This can be enough to help a family through this uncertain time.
A new maize crop was planted recently and there was enough rain for it to germinate. If conditions are right, the people could eat green maize in a month if they had to. In the meantime, any assistance is appreciated.

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