Wind Storms Damage Malawi Chapels

The past two weeks rain has damaged church members homes as well as the chapel roofs. Five congregations suffered collapse of the chapel walls also such that there can be no repair, while for seven congregations some of the iron sheets are still good but the walls still standing need more sheets added along with repairs.

This morning I visited three congregations whose walls fell down during heavy rain. Now they have built new chapels as they already had some bricks. By next week they will be finishing and ready for iron sheets and wood as those were damaged in the storm. As the rain is continuing, they have built using some cement, but if they don’t put on a roof, the walls will collapse again.

In my investigation out of seven congregations there are 127 sheets of iron roofing needed along with wood and nails. The other five congregations can not be repaired until after the rains because they have no walls. They are in need of water proofing tarps to shade a temporary shelter for each. I have visited each of these places to witness the disaster.

About the farming, the lack of food for the elderly is continuous. I have lots of reports about it everytime I receive calls and letters from different congregations. Thank you and may God almighty bless you.

—Bro. Master

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