Young Father Loses Leg to Accident


July 1 Update

We are able to pay off Dickson’s entire amputation bill!! This includes reimbursing his widowed sister who had no money to help out so sold her three cows to the butcher to make the down payment for the emergency operation. This also includes reimbursing Bro. Peter and family who had donated funds even though they were low on food due to being in quarantine sick with covid for the past few weeks. They had given most of their maize crop to Huruma during the food shortage we learned so we added to what we were paying them back for to help them stock up with a month’s worth of rice, corn and sugar.

We made a down payment on the current hospital where he will spend his recovery for four weeks. We will be purchasing crutches for him to use after the first week when he is able to begin moving around again.

We will purchase and deliver food to his wife and children! We will also provide a weekly fuel/food stipend so Bro. Peter can deliver hot, nutritious meal once a day and will also be able to purchase items from the supermarket to leave at the hospital for any other meals he would miss.

It is truly wonderful to be able to give this aid in one day’s time. We are certain the Lord will continue to provide Dickson and his family with all that they need. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Christ. Please pray for Dickson that the Lord would keep him from having further infection and that the Lord would bring a special comfort and renewal to his spirit as he faces a future that is very different than that for which he had planned .


Dickson digs latrines for a living.

Actually, he used to dig latrines for a living. That was before he fell into a 28 foot hole and gruesomely broke his foot which developed sepsis and required an amputation a few days ago. Now he is recovering in the hospital in the middle of a covid shutdown.

He will be in the hospital for four weeks. In Kenya, being in the hospital provides you with a simple bed and one meal a day. Due to food scarcity that means you get some cabbage and maybe some Irish potatoes to eat. The only way to get more to eat is if your family brings it to you. Petrol is very high right now and it costs $5 to make a trip to the hospital. That isn’t much to us, but it is a lot in Kenya where cash is extremely scarce because of food prices rising 300%-400% on many items.

With money, Bro. Peter could take a hot meal to Dickson daily. He could also go to the supermarket and purchase shelf-stable food items to leave with Dickson for a third meal a day since gas prices are too high to make multiple trips.

We would also like to buy a bag of maize, rice and sugar for his family at home without an income. May God reward you for your kindness and sacrifice. Dickson is saved and attends service regularly at the Church of God in Stellah.

To donate food for Dickson and his family, donate by PayPal to  Memo: Dickson. Any funds above the needed amount for food or bills will be saved for a future prosthetic.

Dickson will have outstanding medical bills also which we are organizing under a separate project through DonorSee. His amputation cost $600 and his month stay in the hospital will be over $500. His family has sold cattle and paid off $450 of the hospital bill so far. [UPDATE: There will be no additional project because this one is taking off to be all encompassing! So amazing!]

First Video below:

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